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In times of emergency, how do you account for your people? How do you know that your co-workers are safe? How do you get information collected from those missing, and how do you focus your first responder resources to those most in need?

In times of emergency, call volumes rise massively. With congested networks, calling a person often gets you the busy signal. Find our Folks will help you account for your people faster, using text messaging. You can set up Find Our Folks for your organisation today.

  • Find Our Folks will help you find your people.
  • Find Our Folks will allow you to concentrate resources on those who need it.
  • Find Our Folks will reassure your people.


  • Find out fast who is missing.
  • Find out fast who is okay.
  • Concentrate your resources on those who remain missing.
  • Comfort concerned relatives for those who have reported in okay.
  • Manage many people
    • At once
    • Fast

Hurricane Katrina – Need for SMS/Text

  • 11 search websites – NOT ONE utilised SMS.
  • Communication difficult / near impossible.
  • Voice reduced / out of service.
  • Email service relies on 3G/4G, so down.
  • SMS is last to go down, first to come up when networks are congested.

How does it work?

Find Our Folks is a quick and easy way to send out SMS messages to groups of people.
You will need a two-way number which enables you to receive messages back from the contacts which you sent the original message to.
All you need to do is select the group of contacts you would like to send your message to and then compose the message. After clicking send, you can view your Find Our Folks Report by clicking on the Reporting section on the left.
In the Find Our Folks Report, you can find out :

  • The number of responses to your message
  • The number of recipients your message was sent to
  • Who has replied to your message
  • Who has not replied to your message
  • What time the replies were received

We have made sure that it is easy to find those who have not replied to your message by labelling the contact red and their name at the top of the list. Those who have replied will be labeled green and will be under the list of those who haven’t replied.
You can send another message to Non-Responders by clicking on the button under the report table – making it easier for you to pick out those who haven’t responded and quickly reach out to them again.

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